Finding office space in The Netherlands

To establish your company in the Netherlands you may not immediately need to rent your own office or to hire a full time director and secretary. You may just need an office address and somebody who really takes care of your business.

How to get:

  • Immediate local presence for your company in Amsterdam
  • Instant credibility as a local player
  • A cost-effective way to start and run your Amsterdam office

Renting your own office in Amsterdam

Renting your own Dutch office gives your company credibility as a local player. It shows customers that you are here to stay. Having a workplace for your employees and a space for business meetings gives comfort to all who do business with you. The price of renting your own office depends on the location and the size of the office space, starting at about 150-200 euros/m2 annually, in Amsterdam.

Mail and telephone handling

If you and your colleagues are not always there you may want to arrange for a P.O. box and an inbound call centre. Having someone who collects your mail and answers your phone gives you more freedom of movement. It also makes it easier to move your Dutch office to a new location when your business grows. Please contact us to find out how we can help.

RVW Advies Rob van Westerop

Temporary office spaces

Do you need an office for a flexible period of time and want someone else to receive your visitors, telephone calls and mail? Then providers of temporary office spaces might be a viable choice. However, besides the considerable price tag these companies tend to rigorously brand their office spaces (with their name, not yours). If you can afford it and your company name is not that important to you, then this might be the right solution for you.

Sharing an office

Sharing your office with an existing company is another option to consider. This option can provide you with a very good office for your money, and depending on the company that you’re sharing the office with there might be other synergies from being co-located. Of course, you will want to make sure that your post and telephone calls are handled separately from theirs. For this, and to help you look for a good match, you can contact us.

Buying your own office

With the real estate market of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht still being cheaper than the likes of London, Frankfurt or Stockholm, buying your own office could be a good alternative if you want to exhibit the ultimate action of establishing yourself in the Netherlands.